10 Google Adsense Approval and Earning Tricks 2019

10 Google Adsense Approval and Earning Tricks 2019

For the reason of generating profit through Google Adsense is not an easy job. For the same you have to take onto account all the advanced algorithms being used by Google for preparing the site. However, here you have the ten astounding tricks and tips which would at length help you have better knowledge and money gain with the help of the ad programs being arranged by Google.
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1. Make More Websites to Increase Income

In case you are in search of better profit you should hold more than one site. This does not imply that you keep on multiplying with sites. Maintaining too many sites would be really a hard task to accomplish. Creating couple of websites will help you keep attention of all at the same time.
This way you can even keep up with the latest algorithm updates. Say you have three websites up and running at the same time, and in case any one of the three is put off by the algorithms you still have the other sites working perfectly. Thus, you would still be in the picture and earning money accordingly.

2. You should have a Focused Specific Subjects

It is hard to upgrade and update a site that deals with multiple subjects. In fact, you cannot specialize in everything under the sun. Thus, it is best that you stay focused and deal with specific subjects. To generate ads and to get constant traffic it is wise that you have a focused site which can really present with almost everything relevant on a specific subject. Now, it is easy for you to get to the depth of the subject and have outcomes better profitable.

3. Your Site Should Reflect Your Interest

It is always great and feasible to have a site based on the topic that you know about. This will help you manage the site better. This way you can update your site constantly and make people aware of the topic. This way you can have better traffic and you can pick up with more and more likes. However, it is important that your site is based on something that is relevant and workable. It is no use having interest in something which is not in demand. In the long run your interest should match with the intent of the online traffic for the better profit and money gain.

4. Don’t put google adsense on a Brand New Site

First you should have a total site ready and then you must start building inbound links for getting the hoard of relevant traffic. In case the site is new and still there is more work to be done the ads may seem irrelevant and thus this makes it hard for the online viewer to follow things. Don’t use Google Adsense till your site is fully completed. Google is sure not to approve your site till it is made to stand complete. Google is always in search of better traffic and so it will only display ads on a complete and recognized site.

5. Don’t put images next to your ads

It is best that the Google ads do not come with images. Till date this was the popular norm but at the time this is against the existing Google policy. Initially this may seem to work as images encourage more clicks. But in the long run your site can be banned for the reason. Once you are made to stand out of the line it is hard to get back on the track once more.

6. The Right Way of Placing the Image

It is best that you place the image on the optimal side of the page. Ads which are being placed on the higher side of the page are being clicked so often. With this you are sure to have greater income online.

7. Never Put Ads on the Affiliate Sites

To have faster earning there are people to depend on affiliate sites for more clicks and faster earnings. These are sites to help you with maximum profit. However, depending on affiliate sites neglecting your own is going against the rule of Adsense. Moreover, you have to give the affiliate sites a portion of the sum of the amount that you earn. Thus, it is always better that you work on your own site and you have the patience to let the site grow and yield revenue.

8. Update your site regularly

If you create a site and leave it like that, you are sure to be in trouble in the future. There would be a significant reduction in the amount of people visiting your site and this may be due to the fact that you have not updated your site in time. In the way, your clicks and pays go down. People are not interested in visiting an old site with lots of backdated information. Thus, it is important that you keep on updating your site from time to time and this will let you have the right attention at the right time.

9. The Ads Created should Compliment the Size of the Site

The ads that you post should be of the optimal size. These are researched ads and they have a large rectangular shape. They are generally of the measurement of 336 x 280. The medium ads measure 300 x 250 and the wide skyscrapers come with the size of 160 x 600. However, before usage you should have a perfect site integration of the ads. You must make sure that the ads are placed in such a way that one cannot ignore the visual appeal of the same.

10. Follow the Norms of Google Algorithm System

Google performs the task of updating the algorithms and in the way the spammers can be best eliminated. In the way your income can get badly reduced. However, there is no way you can go against the system. So once you see a significant drop in the amount of traffic and income you should work hard in improving the status of your site. You should act best in keeping up with the latest Google algorithm norm. This way you are sure to be a part of successful Google business.

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