How to Write Content for Website in 2019?

How to Write Content for Website in 2019?

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Content is king to influence audience in order to reduce the bounce rate of your blog. Creating quality content is the most innovative way to market your blog to target audience. How can I produce the most attractive and quality content for my killer blog post?
You should be able pick up a topic or theme which has ability to hook audience with content. Here are some proven tactics that will help you write quality content your audience will love.

1. Topic Research

You can write about a trending fashionable android phone or an interesting problem. It could be anything under the sun. You are here to create a quality content blog. The blog is targeting certain class of audience. Then, you can write for them. This is important because it will help you to set the tone of your post.
You have to do qualitative research on internet about the topic. Wikipedia is the first and foremost resource when you want to get the basic information as well as data statistics of any topic. But, sometimes this does not just fit all. In that case, you can use your own methods to collect and collate the details in an organised way.

2. Striking headline

Headlines are able to give first impressions about the topic. A boring headline can drive them out even if the content inside is rich in information. People reading habits are declining rapidly. People have an average attention span of just 8 seconds and no matter how intriguing your blog post is. A Strong headline makes interest and invites readers in. Consider these facts from blog readers:
  • 80% of people will read your headlines.
  • But only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content!
So, you have to make your headlines or titles so smart. For Example, We are going to write about the topic of "Hair loss prevention methods". The title that you choose will be what helps you determine what you should focus on. The parameters keep the writing on track.

3. Admirable Introduction

This is the reader's entry point. You have pay lot of attention to it. Excellent introduction sparks quickly people make judgments about blog posts. Most readers conclude within the first few sentences if the content is worth reading. It will give them an idea what your post will be all about. It could be a thought-provoking question or statistics or quote.

4. Body of Post

Sentences could be shorter. Readers will be interested to read simple sentences with precise words. Because Internet users’ attention spans are shrinking by the day, you have to work harder to hold your reader's attention from the beginning until the end of your post. To do that, every word, phrase, sentence, and even punctuation mark must add something to your piece. It will convey the meaning in a better way.

5. Readers love stories

Everybody is fond of hearing stories. Stories are very useful to convey your thoughts in a chronological way. Style of writing content could be like a story. It will engage the reader to hook into the post.

6. Visual media

Visual media is a powerful way to grab viewer's attention. Replace excess words by catchy visuals like photos, videos and slide shows to boost engagement of viewers. Using visual content in your post can lead to good retainment of information and also save yourself time and effort.

7. Continues updates to your article

Starting a blog is a commitment. You need to refresh your post regularly with quality content is important otherwise you can’t get new readers. Most Best and excellent articles are regularly updated.

8. Punchy Conclusion

You are done with your introduction and body. Now, it’s time to write the conclusion, which is just as hard to write as the introduction. The easiest way out of your dilemma is to summarize all your points in the conclusion. Consequently, conclusion will be a boring stuff for a reader. Conclusion could be either a series question(s) or actionable thought(s). Question/thoughts should emphasis on your main point.

9. Optimize

You put your heart and soul into content writing. Some fine tuning has to be done in order to increase web traffic flow. This step is called optimize. You have to identify the keywords for page optimization. The Google Ad words will help you to identify the keywords. You shall use the keywords throughout the post. It will be helpful to increase page ranking index for searching engine optimization. Don’t obsess with above mentioned tip. You suppose to remember that “Content is king".

10. Concluding Remarks

You can't predict outcome of your post after publishing. You can promote your content by using social media. If you are able to churn out knowledgeable and informative content, your target audience will grow. You may require tons of patience to grow your blog.

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