What is SEO Search Engine Optimization? How it Works?

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization? How it Works?

what is seo
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – an abracadabra term is helping companies understand Google for over many decades but only then the search panorama has changed now in this scenario!

SEO is a rock and roll process that improves website’s visibility through organic and natural search engine result pages (SERPs).It involves the incorporation of search engine friendly elements into a website on progressive levels. Search engine optimization comprises of two bigger wings – on-page and off-page optimization. Onpage optimization refers to the elements of a website i.e. web page (HTML code), site content, and images. Off-page optimization refers to the backlinks (links directing to the website that is being optimized).

SEO Process

Competitor Analysis

An initial and final cut on competitor analysis is set-up with chosen set of keywords which are very relevant to the product/business. Then tracking over the competitors’ rank, it looks out for any new challenger for more progression. After the research level is done, categorizations of a set of top websites emerge and compute the competitiveness of the online search market.

Keyword Research and Analysis

With the utmost relevant keywords, Meta tag titles and keyword suggestion tools that rule out the competitiveness in the search market are taken into the consideration of analytic data if exist. The level takes up to the segregation of keyword phrases range from very basic (pointing competitor) to niche specific. Since successful search engine optimization requires a comprehensive, customized approach based on a site’s unique characteristics, it indulges adding appropriate keywords on the site are extremely important because the search engines are text-centric. It considers that more specific keyword pulls more good traffic.

Title and Meta Tag Optimization

The level enters the step next in placing the researched set of keywords appropriately on the site to set well for more effective optimization. Derivation of a flowchart over the site pages to fix the keyword on the pages with links is too required.
Meta descriptions do not influence well for the website ranking in SERP, though they need to be furnished well in front to pull the readers’ attention as the index face. A professional team of SEO experts pen down an individual touch in developing descriptions and pursuing keywords.

Content with integrated Keywords

The content or copy of the website’s each page must be integrated with the researched key words or phrases. It is deep significant on concentrating on keyword density also. No concerns, that the product or business with highly incorporated keywords with balanced keyword density for the high success SERP rate. And the process indulges in tailoring the key phrases and website content very niche specific to the market. On the other hands, it happens that the company use to deliver the content or copy to the SEO team, wherein case the team runs sharp verification to pen the content with connected keywords and that certainly nurse the content flow.

Search Engine and Directory Submission

Once done with optimization process, the level commences to Site Submission on major search engines using both XML and HTML sitemaps. And here be very clear that it hardly takes a month time for the site maps to index the website on whole.

Link Popularity

Search engines gauge the website’s importance in terms of quantity and quality of inbound links to the site. Relevant inbound links play awe in gaining search engine rankings. And also the process plays energetically in procuring scores of top notch one-way links to the website.

SERP Report

A static data from the website is filed and re-tuning of the strategy is done for trend setting to enhance the website’s performance. Also a file on finger-falls on the website is generated to tweak site’s improvement on the conversions for a constant and sturdy traffic.


Today’s search marketing can be a confusing mix of initiatives. How does SEO work? Does Page Rank still matter? The answer is Hurray! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now one of the most opened gateways to spot your businesses worldwide. It is the big part of the internet marketing mix with the objective to increase position of a website (or a web page) in the organic search results. It remains the core of online marketing, driving traffic and giving a branding boost to the business under all verticals. And almost, search engine optimization and marketing know which initiatives have the highest payoff, and which ones just drain precious resources.

Latest Trends and Tactics of SEO

In recent days, SEO has taken new avatars as its latest trend and tactics. Here the glance!

SEO Audit and Assessment

SEO Audit suits the business to magazine promptly before kicking the execution over the website. An SEO audit ensures the site is receiving the full benefit of link building strategy, and it also helps to identify potential issues that are interrupting the site in crawling. SEO Audit looks into the site to fix the specific issues and for effective possible mending options to fix the site on prompt. And the audit and assessment is done manually with own eyes and brain empowering the progress.

Corporate SEO

Corporate SEO is one such to aid your website and enhance the online presence with its exclusive plan. Your site might be visually striking with great designing, expert class content and brilliant back link strength; the one thing that it’s missing on might be technical support! And that is where Corporate SEO team is on avail to give obligatory backup that a website needs. The team is studious on the company and its competitors so that accordingly to plan a strategy that will outsmart the brand’s every single opponent. Corporate SEO coins the most effective plan with high-level, enterprise keywords that are most economical yet easy key to achieve a traffic that one never thought possible.

SEO Consultation

Know the right solutions for all unanswered questions and secrets that many of the SEO companies aren’t let out. SEO Consultation is one such to pen down and open the key in answering all the put forth questions - big or small. If someone who is looking to get the most out of the webs then the consultation unlocks the answers that one definitely pays attention to.
The marketing consultants who work on your questions will deliver the answers and also guide you towards better ranking. Also the team helps and directs to enjoy unparalleled results by means of high ROIs. There are proven track set of records that SEO consultation results in enjoyment of best outcome for many websites where the site owners relish the real strategy that the team mends.

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